I once realised I desperately need to control the outcome of any creative act of mine, so all I produce can meet certain expectations.

As I believe creativity should have no constraints, I soon started experimenting with ways to make the presence of my rational mind less intrusive.

These works were made in a deep meditative state, where all I could sense was a beautiful symphony playing within myself.

The process is pretty straight forward: I start by doing a specific meditation aimed at lowering the presence and power of my rational mind. Once I feel I’m in the space I want to be, I connect to a part of my mind I call the Artist, and I ask him to drive my actions.

I then move toward the canvas and I wait for input to come. At this point I usually start to hear a symphony in my head, so I take the colour and I allow it to freely fill the canvas, following the harmony of the symphony. The more I paint, the more the symphony become clear and powerful, until I can sense it in my whole body: at that point I can fully let go and enjoy the experience.

If you want to know more about each painting, you can find insights, step-by-step pictures and more here: