Ordering Chaos

There are times I just can’t quite get what’s going on with my emotions: all I feel is chaos.

When I’m in that state, the only way to sort my thoughts out, or at least let those emotions flowing through me and leave me, is to do something which doesn’t require me to focus on anything “brain consuming”. It could be tidying up my laundry, or cleaning the house, and also drawing.

This is actually how the drawings in Ordering Chaos were born.

Drawing with just a pen allows me to chill out, and the interesting thing is that eventually my thoughts and emotions start to get ordered somehow, and on the end of the drawing I feel I’m at peace again. And sometimes I also understand what was the actual reason to feel that mess within myself, but just sometimes!

As these drawings born when I’m in a state of interior chaos, there is no way for me to prepare anything in that moment. So what I actually is that when inspiration strikes, I take some images I find on the internet and I put them together in a way I think is somehow interesting. Then I digitally trace the outline and print it on an A4 paper and leave it around my desk. I basically create a sort of “buffer” of ready-to-be-filled drawings.

So when the chaos takes over, I just take out my pen and I start to fill the first drawing I get my hands on.

If you want to know more about each painting, you can find insights, step-by-step pictures and more here: