The sudden death of my mum, to whom I was very close, left a deep grief in me and just a bunch of memories to hold onto.

Years later, in the hope of making some sense of my mother’s death, I brought back to life some of those memories and gave them a new form and meaning.

7 days, 7 memories, 7 paintings. 

(here I’m showing only the ones that still resonate)

During the week the project lasted, I would start each day by meditating about which memory I would have taken back to life.

Once that was clear, still in a meditative state, I would explore the memory from many different perspectives, until I was ready to paint.

Then, I would just allow the colour to fill the canvas spontaneously,  knowing the connection to the memory would have done the job.

If you want to know more about each painting, you can find insights, step-by-step pictures and more here: