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Beautiful Chaos, an artwork by Emanuele Renton Fortunati


How a white canvas becomes a portrait

Each artist has her own creative process, so here I am to talk a little about mine.
If you want to know more feel free to ask in the comments or by sending me a private message.

My creative process is usually a 3-phases process:

  1. finding the person
  2. connecting to the person (intuitively and energetically)
  3. allowing what came up about the person to flow to the canvas

1. How do I find a subject?

It usually just happens. It can be on the street, or on Instagram, or when I’m browsing for something completely unrelated: at some point I see a person which “clicks” to me, and I know I will paint her.
I don’t really know why, it’s like when you see a person and you like the way she’s dressed: for me it’s the same, just it isn’t about the dress (I think!).

2. How do I connect to the person?

I go into a space where my intuition is stronger than my rational mind, and in there I just choose to connect to the person, so I can get informations about her Ego and Soul, her fears and strengths, her doubts and dreams.
I usually stay in that space until a precise “message” about the person comes to me, so I have a clear direction to follow.
(In the video I show you an example, I think it is easier to understand that way)

3. Time to let the colour to flow

Once I know what I want to say about the person, I just stay connected to it -to its energy and emotion- and I leave that energy to drive my brush strokes.
In a way, my my main job is to keep myself out of the equation, and allow the colour to flow on the canvas guided by the emotion and the energy of the message.
When the energy of the message is fading away, I know the portrait is finished.

This is more or less all: if you are curious about some details I may have missed, please ask and I’ll be happy to answer!

And if you are curious to see some works I’ve created that way, you can see The Ego and The Soul series.

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