Beyond Emanuele Renton Fortunati's Art

A fragment from the video Beyond The Music WIthin


Beyond “The Music Within”

This story is about how I’ve painted “The Music Within”, which is a story that goes far beyond the simple technique and the graphical aspects.
This story brings us to a place where some people are able to connect and channel informations from “the Other World”.

You may find this story absurd, as I still do myself in a way, or you may find this story brutally cool, in any case, never stop guys going deeper into yourself, never stop going farther into the Unknown to free the real Art you got in. I can tell you: I won’t stop, certainty not now!

This painting marked a line, there is a before this work and an after this work, which I’m just starting to explore with curiosity and a bit of tension.

Stay tuned, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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