Beyond Emanuele Renton Fortunati's Art

Brushes at the light of a candle


Between an emotion and a splat I finally become whole.

I’ve started this video with the idea of talking about why I do splats on my paintings. I wanted to share with you the adrenaline I feel when I let completely go and get crazy with brushes, sponges, glasses and all sort of things… I wanted to tell you how much I love the fact I can’t fully control the process nor the outcome, and the excitement coming from the real risk of messing up a good work.

But at some point, this conversation with myself led to something deeper: while still talking I’ve realised the energy of the act of splatting a canvas is a masculine energy, whilst the energy of painting from emotions is a feminine one. And so, by starting a painting from an emotion and completing it with a splat is a way for me to become whole within myself, and then with the painting too. It is a way for me to acknowledge and accept both my masculine and feminine sides.
I’ve just realised now how much art is deeply important to me, and it goes far beyond the self-discovery or the healing I knew art helps me with.

Art has the power to hold me whole.

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